Alyssa Eby

I'm a writing and marketing student at Bluffton University. I spend my time finding adventures, eating french fries and refining my fiction, nonfiction and media writing skills.

I dabble in all sorts of writing, but I've found media writing as my strong suit and my passion. I'll let my work speak for itself, poke around and enjoy!

About Me

An assignment I was given in the 5th grade is what sparked my desire to be a writer. My teacher assigned the class to cut a picture out of a magazine and we each got to choose our assignment after our picture was chosen. We could write a poem or a story or propose another idea. I chose to write a story about my chipmunk cut out. My teacher told me my short story, titled "Faith" after the chipmunk, would make a great children's story. From that day forward I haven't been able to put my pencil down.

I particularly enjoy writing short stories and media writing but also dabble in poetry, nonfiction and professional writing. For me, I love creating a world better than reality. It's a great escape when life gets complicated.

I pride myself with my determination and organizational skills as well as being a strong team player. Giggling and Netflix with friends are my favorite activities. With a major in writing and a minor in marketing, I hope to be a technical writer for an airport, as well as be an author.